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This morning's interview on WMDI!

Update 09/09/99 - from Bellingham, WA

We arrived in Bellingham, WA this evening, just an hour's drive or so from the Canadian Border.

The drive up from Portland today was a welcomed start to our trip. Hope you enjoyed our interview on WMDI from this morning. Keep the emails coming!

Cheers, JARC!

PS: For those of you who read yesterday's update, see if you can find Boss Hogg's car here among these photos.


Andrew getting his hair done during a pit stop by B2B-54 Glenna Barron (ham operator VE7DSC).

B2B-47 leading the pack.

Rufus & Cleo taking a nap.
You guessed IT!
Talk about a poser! Andrew shows off his first prize trophy, a clock (maybe that's a subtle hint eh?).

Team Lab-Rover has a television appearance scheduled for Tuesday morning on a local morning program. Both vehicles, Jim, Andrew, Cleo, Rufus and Michael will be going. Photographs will be taken and a short update posted.