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Today's Interview on WMDI!

Update 09/08/99 - Portland, Oregon

The melodious voices of Mount Desert Island DJ's Boss Hogg and Elvis Parsley broke the quiet tranquility of the Pacific Northwest this morning as Jim filed his first audio report via "The Big Breakfast" show on WMDI-FM 107.7. "The Bridge", Bar Harbor, Maine. After exchange of morning pleasantries (it
was 5:30 AM Jim's time!!) Jim had to squash the false rumors of ETOH consumption reported by his son Andrew!!. He noted that only warm milk and cookies have been consumed.
The final repairs and modifications to B2B-33 continue at a furious pace. With "lift-off" only 24 hours away, Team Lab Rover Technician Nicholas Wilmerding is working above and beyond the call of duty to ready the vehicle. Spirits are high and all team members are still speaking to each other!
The repair work continues!! The oil leak and heavy duty alternator installation will be addressed today at the local Land Rover dealership while Jim and Nicholas fabricate a new HF antenna mount on the rear door. Wiring for all the radio transceivers, amplifiers, VHF/UHF/CB/GPS antennas and AC inverter have also been completed.

Knowing that Boss Hogg needs a new vehicle, we will be posting a picture of the care we suggest from Monday's Field Meet. Question: Can your guess what it is?

Our next update will be filed on Thursday 09/09 as we launch for the Canadian Border. On Friday 09/10 a special audio update broadcast will originate from the border crossing. Boss and Elvis can assist us in getting through Canadian Customs----RIGHT!!

We hope you are enjoying following our adventures. Questions and comments can be e-mailed to With the help of Jean McKillop at Downeast.Net in Ellsworth and Michael Benevento at, they will then be forwarded to Boss, Jim and the Team
and we will try to answer them on the daily audio updates and post highlights
on these updates pages.

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Goodbye for now...Andrew, Jim, Rufus & Cleo


Yes Jim is working...

Talk about a poser! Andrew shows off his first prize trophy, a clock (maybe that's a subtle hint eh?).

Team Lab-Rover has a television appearance scheduled for Tuesday morning on a local morning program. Both vehicles, Jim, Andrew, Cleo, Rufus and Michael will be going. Photographs will be taken and a short update posted.