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Guest Update 09/16/99 - from Whitehorse, YT

Hello All!

Jim, Andrew, Cleo and Rufus arrived in Whitehorse Yukon yesterday afternoon. It was a nice sunny day (near +12C or +50F) with a few clouds and they saw a lot of fall colours in the high alpine regeons of our local mountains. They have been enjoying a great trip so far and are looking forward to the trip north of the Arctic Cricle to Inuvik.

Jim asked me to let you know that after much discussion, the best we can do for HF communications is 14.270 MHz on the hour and hope that propagation is right. HF communications in this corner of the world is affected by the Northern Lights and is very unpredictable.

Speaking of the Northern Lights ... after supper, we all went back to visit with Cleo and Rufus and were treated to a very bright display of lights. There were ribbons and bands of light moving quickly across the sky, some pink and green colouring ... "It was fantastic!" to quote Jim. All this was happening while there was still some twilight in the
west (about 10PM PDT).

They are off to visit some schools today on their way to Dawson City (the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush) and will drive north to Inuvik after that.

I am hoping that we get a chance to share some of their adventures when they pass through Whitehorse on their way back home.

Brian Butler
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

PS: Here is a photo of Jim and myself as well as one of Cleo (Rufus
was off exploring!).



Rufus and Cleo in Whitehorse!

Brian Butler and Jim Wilmerding

Rufus and Cleo snoozing while off-roading.
Talk about a poser! Andrew shows off his first prize trophy, a clock (maybe that's a subtle hint eh?).

Team Lab-Rover has a television appearance scheduled for Tuesday morning on a local morning program. Both vehicles, Jim, Andrew, Cleo, Rufus and Michael will be going. Photographs will be taken and a short update posted.