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CycloVision Parashot of campground


CycloVision Parashot of Valley Floor


Update 09/14/99 - from Watson Lake, YT

We met with the Yukon School's Superintendent Chris Gonnet and he has been extremely cordial and helpful in setting up some wonderful school visits in Whitehorse, Carmacks, Pelly Crossing, and Carcross. His Curriculum Coordinator, Joanne Davidson has been AWESOME inarranging all the visit details - THANKS JOANNE!!! We hope registered schools will watch for information about these exciting upcoming visits

Here are some additional photos that we want to share with the group. We are headed to Whitehorse and hopefully a visit at a school, a ham radio operator Brian Butler, the hospital and we plan to enjoy the scenery of the great north. Night time temperatures have been steadily dropping as we proceed north. Those of us who camp in tents awaken to chilly (below freezing) temperatures. It is a good idea to keep the clothes we plan to
wear the next morning in our sleeping bags, so we have something warm to
put on! However, a dash to the bathroom and back, and cooking breakfast
warm us up. We pack up quickly and motor off for another day of adventures.
Those of us in hotels are able to shower and have a slightly more leisurely

Talk to you later from Whitehorse!!

Keep the emails coming!

Cheers, JARC!


The vehicles are ready to roll.

Fly rod sculpture.

Andrew, Rufus & Cleo, and Jim sharing their adventure with a class.
Hay fields.
Talk about a poser! Andrew shows off his first prize trophy, a clock (maybe that's a subtle hint eh?).

Team Lab-Rover has a television appearance scheduled for Tuesday morning on a local morning program. Both vehicles, Jim, Andrew, Cleo, Rufus and Michael will be going. Photographs will be taken and a short update posted.