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Live Broadcast from LAB-RVR!

CycloVision Parashot of China Mountain, 7,000 ft elevation


CycloVision Parashot of view from ferry, crossing river


Update 09/11/99 - from Williams Lake, BC

The secenary here is absolutely unbelievable. We did some heavy off-roading today. Hope you enjoy the photos. Our audio feed is direct from the inside of our vehicle. Live and un-edited. Keep the emails coming!

Cheers, JARC!

P.S. Conditions didn't allow us to upload some pics from yesterday, so here's a double dose.



Peace Arch at the US-Canadian border.

Two vehicles ferry across the river.

Jim on satellite phone at 7,000 feet - China Mt., BC
Rufus and Cleo snoozing while off-roading.
Talk about a poser! Andrew shows off his first prize trophy, a clock (maybe that's a subtle hint eh?).

Team Lab-Rover has a television appearance scheduled for Tuesday morning on a local morning program. Both vehicles, Jim, Andrew, Cleo, Rufus and Michael will be going. Photographs will be taken and a short update posted.