Both of the vehicles on team Lab-Rover are using matching mango-orange safety and recovery equipment. This particular piece is a safety hook that can swivel on the wire rope. It's two-handed operation makes the user really stop and think weather the rigging is attatched properly and safely. It usually isn't attatched to the bumper like this, but it made a good photograph.
Two Hella 500's are on the bumper. Not the greatest for illuminating way down the road, but for around the vehicle floodlights they're pretty nice.
LAB-RVR got it's M10000 winch first, and the Millenium Falcon had to be a copy-cat and follow suit. After seeing the problems the Falcon had with trying to mount a 9000 in the ARB bumper, Andrew decided that the hassle wasn't worth it and went with the M10. Lesson: Do it right the first time and never worry again.
Steven Schuback of Quattro Sports designed and fabricates some really nice rock sliders. Very stout and using factory and fabricated mounting points, these sliders are definitely hard to beat.
Again it was Quattro Sports to the rescue modifying the factory D-90 roof-rack to accept jerry can brackets. These are welded to the frame with a perpendicular cross-bar that goes through the handles of the NATO cans with a lock fastener on the other end.
Quattro Sports quickly bent up and fabricated this aentenna mount. A quickrelease finished off the job. Andrew also runs a Uniden 520XL CB radio that has been 'peaked and tweaked' for optimum performance.
Quick-release hood-pins take the place of the standard steel cable hood release. They have been known to break causing huge headaches for D-90 owners. Hoping to avoid any unpleasantness Andrew installed these. Pretty trick 'eh?
Hella 2000's are Land Rover factory lights for the D90, having four is just four times better than having one (does that make sense?). Anyway, having lights on the roof is not only a good idea, it's a safe one. Usually called 'poser' lights, if you drive at night, they're a necessity.
Having the shovel in a place where you can get to it quickly and easily is important when you really need it. Welding a bracket to hold the blade securely, the handle is held taught using a bunjee cord.
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