Andrew Wilmerding
James (Jim) Wilmerding
Michael Slade
Memories of Ovaltine

Andrew Wilmerding
BS in Education - University of Portland
MA in progress

Andrew has always been involved with education in some respect or another. Jim (his father) who is also on the B2B-EDU Team has been the reason why Andrew got involved in education. As a child, he always wanted to know what was going on in the school that his father was working at. As soon as he was old enough he went to help either coaching or filling in for a teacher at the last minute.

When it was time for Andrew to declare his major in college, well, no surprise that he chose Education. Andrew currently works as an independent contractor for the Multnomah County Juvenile Court (gang unit) and Services to Children and Families. Typically, clients are referred through probation or parole officers. However, there are also those students who approach him while he is working with someone else at their school. 

The daily routine often includes meeting with his clients in 1-2 hours individual sessions. During that time either they work on assignments, arrange school schedules, meet with teachers or adminstrators and discuss any problems relating to the student’s education. He is an integral link between The Juvenile Court System and The Public Schools.

Another important part of Andrew’s life is his two Labrador Retrievers: Cleo and Rufus. Most of what he does for fun and recreation revolves around the pups. He enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and sailing - just about anything that takes place outdoors! Oh...and OF COURSE four wheeling in his Land Rover Defender-90.

Andrew is a member of the local American Red Cross where he is an active member of a Disaster Action Team. He is regularly called out to provide assistance if there is a fire or other type disaster requiring Red Cross help. Other hobbies include: art, computer (Mac only please) and music. He is an avid "Deadhead" who has attended somewhere over the 140+ mark of Grateful Dead Concerts. He collects live tapes of concerts and has in his eclectic collection anything from Nancy Griffith to Bob Marley and everything in between!

James Wilmerding
BA & MS - C. W. Post College
M.Ed. – Tennessee State University

Jim began his 25 year education career as a Middle School classroom teacher and continued on as a teaching principal at numerous elementary schools across the South and Northeast US. In 1993, Jim and his family moved to an island off the coast of Maine where he remains active in a variety of educational endeavors.

Besides developing educational components for Internet projects such as B2B, Jim serves as a Search Associate for a national teacher recruitment, placement and executive search firm. Here he utilizes his extensive school experiences as the company places teachers, administrators, and Heads of Schools in both national and international educational facilities. He also assists non-profit organizations in Development efforts and fund raising initiatives.

In his "spare" time, Jim is an active certified Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Technician licensed at both the state and national levels. He volunteers for a number of Paramedic level rescue services serving his community. Jim is also an Instructor Trainer the American Red Cross and is a member of their National Disaster Services Human Resources System. He is frequently called upon to respond to national disasters around the country. 

Additionally, for 28 years, Jim has been an avid Amateur "Ham" Radio operator (W2EMT is his FCC call letters) continually integrating this hobby into classroom experiences for students around the world. One of his most exciting projects was involvement in NASA’s S.A.R.E.X. program. In 1993, he successfully arranged a real-time communications session between his students’ classroom and the crew of Space Shuttle Mission STS-55 as the Orbiter "Columbia" orbited over his school at 17,500 mph! It was a thrilling 15 minute exchange of questions and answers.

Michael Slade
Commercial Photographer
Portland, Oregon, USA

Michael has been off-roading his entire life from his youngest days riding horses, graduating to ATC's (before they were called ATV's), gone through 2 VW Westfalia Vans, 3 Isuzu Troopers and now is on his fourth Land Rover, a 1990 Range Rover County.

His job as a photographer requires him to be able to go anywhere at a moments notice and be able to photograph effectively while he's there. Michael's most recent assignment had him driving to Moab, Utah from Portland, Oregon. An 18 hour drive done nicely in the creature comforts of the Rangie.

While there he photographed for one week new products manufactured by Warn, and kept up with thier tricked-out locked-up jeeps in his "open-diffed plushmobile". He quickly gained respect after only a few hours on the trails the first day. 

Michael will be photographing and documenting B2B-EDU and the Border To Border Trans-American Trek 99 expedition. He finds it to be a unique opportunity as he has several publishing contacts in the automotive world, but hopes to report the story for a larger national magazine that will have a broad range appeal for readers. "B2B is rapidly becoming more than just a driving excercize, and I am excited for the possibility to convey that to the world." he says.

Black Lab
Portland, Oregon, USA

Cleo is a black six year old spayed female Labrador Retriever. She weighs about 65lb and was the runt of the litter. Her build is small and lean. Cleo came home to Andrew in July of 1993 after Andrew's first lab Ovaltine, a Chocolate, was sadly run over by an automobile on Interstate 5 in Portland, Oregon where they lived. 

As a puppy Cleo, was very good. She had her regular puppy side (chewing, pooping in the house, yadda, yadda, yadda ) BUT, for the most part she was an easy pup. Cleo is the type of lab who is quite serious: whether she is playing ball or going for a swim. She is so strong you seldom worry about her along rivers. The only problem is that Rufus likes to follow her.

Cleo means business. She is always playing the motherly type. This is probably due to her age and experience. She is truly the "Alpha" dog. She looks after Rufus and does not let him get out of line.

Cleo has a very friendly personality. She will wag her tail so hard that her whole body will wiggle back and forth. Most of the people that know her call her "the wiggler" or "Queen Cleo". 

Cleo has traveled extensively, going between California and Washington State too many times to count. She has even traveled coast to coast four times. Twice in a Land Rover, of course! Cleo has friends in Telluride, CO and Montana that she loves to visit. One of her most favorite spots is White Salmon, WA. where her master’s cousin, Heidi, has a neat house out in the country. Now that’s a story we will have to tell you later about Rufus as a puppy and how he got lost!!

On travels, Cleo is certainly the "master" of the backseat unless it is just the three (Andrew, Cleo and Rufus), then she always get the front. She is a wonderful traveling companion.

Chocolate Lab
Portland, Oregon, USA

Rufus is a two year old neutered male Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He weighs about 98lb!! and was the MONSTER of the litter. Rufus came home in April of 1997. He came into Andrew's life to keep Cleo company at home when she was by herself all day while Andrew went to work. 

At first, when Cleo was introduced to Rufus, she was thinking OK, this is cool BUT "…is he REALLY here to stay?" It didn’t take long for the two of them to become the best of pals. 

When Rufus was a pup he was pretty wild. The most destructive thing that he did was chew the shingles off the side of Andrew's house! Talking about BAD breath!! This - to say the least - was not cool. 

Rufus has been given a few nicknames depending upon his mood. For example, if he is just goofing around (like most of the time) he is "Rufus the Dufus". He also likes being called "Crazy Cartoon Dog." When he gets into one of his funny moods he puts his big ears back, his eyes pop out and he starts running around inside almost like a gallop. Think about 100 pounds of doggie zooming around your living room!!

Rufus is ALL fun and is HUGE and strong. He loves to meet new people and visit places. Cleo lets him sit in the backseat with her IF he behaves. The funniest thing that he does is play in the snow. He drops to the ground and just starts rolling around almost like he is swimming. 

Rufus loves to wade in the water but does not really enjoy swimming like Cleo. – too much exercise he thinks! (though he does know how so we are not worried about his safety around water) This is because when he was a puppy and fearless he made a jump into a pond without ever having been around water. He learned pretty fast! 

Rufus has not traveled quite as much as Cleo but he has still logged a good many miles crossing the country twice and taking numerous trips up and down the West Coast.

Team Lab-Rover and Lab-Rover Dot Com would like to dedicate the first B2B-EDU educational adventure "K2A" in the loving memory of "Ovaltine".

Ovaltine shared the same passion for adventure as Andrew and her spirit continues in Cleo and Rufus.

Ovaltine (1990-1993)