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In September of 1999 - Labrador Retrievers 'Rufus & Cleo' (and of course their intrepid master Andrew and his dad Jim!) retraced the routes of the Stampeders as those hearty adventurers searched the Klondike Gold Fields of Alaska in the 1890's.

Sponsored by The Border To Border Expedition Society, TEAM 'LAB ROVER' was vehicle B2B-33 in "Trans-American Trek 99," which in the second half of the Trek, traveled these trails in Land Rover vehicles venturing through Alaska, The Yukon and Northwest Territories as far north as Inuvik (north of The Arctic Circle!) 

Numerous educational activities were designed to compliment this exciting trip: Daily two-radio contacts via 'ham radio'; e-mail/digital photo exchange; real time chat room; message boards; Web Quest, Treasure Hunts, Samplers and many other classroom projects.

Rufus & Cleo
Labrador Retrievers were the personalities for Team Lab-Rover and the B2B-Education division of the Border To Border Expedition Society. As the site developed, all class activities were conducted by these canine brains.

HOT! Links
This is a collection of Internet Sites of varying topics supporting specific Expedition material as well as general education information. Students may explore these sites without registering or needing a password. It is designed to stimulate simple Internet "surfing."

Location of supervised Chat Room, Student/School message board, Teacher’s Lounge, "Adopt A Rover" Program, Rufus & Cleo’s Trek reports to students, and Participating Schools listing.

Current Trek location & GPS bearings were posted here along with general expedition reports and updates. Classrooms working on mapping activities can locate trek positions here.

Amateur radio activity, shortwave radio and web-based radio listening opportunities, audio bites, and additional informational links.

Offer activities for classroom participation and education. Includes: 

Treasure Hunt - activity requires the student to locate an appropriate site and then find the answer to a specific question. 

R&C Sampler - contains 14 links and builds upon the two previous exercises linked together.

Web Quest - Student Trek design & planning created within this popular web-based project model.

R&C Writing Lab - A Creative Writing opportunity for teachers to engage their students in developing creative and expressive writing skills.

Biographies and contact information on all members of both B2B-EDU and Team Lab-Rover. 

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