Meet Rufus & Cleo, 
the Canine brains behind Team Lab-Rover!

SUNDAY - MAY 2, 1999

Welcome to Border To Border's section for the Young Adventurer. We are Rufus and Cleo, the Canine brains behind Team Lab-Rover, B2B'ers dedicated to bringing the fun and excitement of Border To Border's Trans-American Trek to classrooms across the nation.

I am Rufus, the Chocolate Lab (well, I'm not REALLY made of chocolate, it's just the color of my coat!).

Hi, I'm Cleo (Queen Cleopatra REALLY - bow to her majesty....). Rufus and I will be taking this really cool trip this Fall when you all return to school... and we want YOU and your classmates to come along and share the backseat with us in this Land Rover vehicle.

This coming September, we will be traveling with Masters Andrew and his father Jim all around Alaska and the Canadian Yukon & Northwest Teritories. We are going to try to follow the Klondike Gold Rush Trail of the 1890s. We hope you can come out and play with us while we drive around.

Don't tell anyone, but we do find it a bit of bore - riding in the back seat, looking out windows, sleeping. Andrew only lets us out when we need to... well, you know.

Yeah, like we'll be allowed to drive -- NOT! Please save us from the dumb jokes Jim will be bound to crack throughout the trip - PLEASE!!!!

So stow-away in the back seat with us in B2B-33, Team LAB-RVR. Andrew and Jim will be too busy doing "Land Rover" stuff - rolling around in the mud, driving down steep hills, forging river waters and basically, getting the vehicle as dirty as the other 31 Land Rovers planning to drive the Klondike trail with B2B-33.

Don't get us wrong, we like rolling in the mud along with any good dog named Rover, but we want to take in the sights and learn the history of the great lands we are about to travel through. Boy, ALASKA! Sure glad Cleo and I are covered in all this hair - hey, no hair cuts for us throughout the summer! 

Rufus, I don't think Alaska is THAT cold in September - is it? Over the next few weeks, Rufus and I will be adding more pages to this part of the website and I'm bound we will find the answer to that. Don't tell Andrew or Jim or the other B2B'ers, but Rufus and I are planning to find refuge on both the B2B and LAB-RVR websites by providing games, photographs, bulletin boards, live online discussions with B2B'ers, adventures, amateur ham radio chats and Tails (tales as in story, get it! I made a funny - hee, hee, hee)

Oh Cleo, you're too funny - really, I'm rolling over and playing dead over that one...

Yeah, whatever!

Seriously, join us over the next few weeks as we begin to build these pages. In the meantime, we want you to visit some of our favorite bookmarks on the internet. Cleo and I are really doing our homework preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hope you will join us in the back of B2B-33, Team LAB-RVR.


Keep visiting. If you have any questions for Rufus &/or Cleo, please write them for now to