In Memory Of
05/01/93 - 02/07/08
The Original "Lab Rover"

Cleo and Andrew on the beach

February 7, 2008 was a tough day for team lab-rover. We lost a founding member. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that I had to put my beloved Cleo to sleep. She recently had been diagnosed with cancer. It had taken a major toll on her body and spirit in the last few weeks. In the end, she was not interested in eating and spent most of the time on her bed.

Most of you know Cleo was my road traveling companion. She saw more of this country than a lot of people I know. She crossed the country nine different times, traveled as far South as Mexico and as far North as the Arctic Circle and Alaska. She traveled via car (Land Rovers), ferries/various boats, a few airplane rides and one train ride. She slept in 5 star hotels, flea-bag motels, tents and backs of cars. She swam in the Pacific, Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi river, the Columbia, the Green river, the Willamette, and the Yukon, etc. Also in backyard pools, mud holes and even baby pools. She was a true water dog. She would jump off the dock and swim after anything that would float. She would dive underwater and go after rocks. She would bake on a hot deck during the Oregon summers and dive into a half-frozen Gilpatrick's Cove in the dead of winter in Maine.

L-R: Rufus, Andrew and Cleo

She was never on a leash - not even on the busy city streets; she didn't need one. She listened to me so well. I had complete faith in telling her to heel, stay, sit, etc., etc. She was never a mother by birth but she was without a doubt a mother to Rufus, to me at times, and a figure for what it means to be "the mama" to lots of other dogs that knew her.

She had a tail that when it wagged would wiggle her whole body. She loved life and all the friends I have. She loved to give her love to anyone she met, longtime friends other dogs or the guy who showed up to fix the furnace. It didn't matter to her who you were.

She gave me comfort and warmth from sleeping next to me in a tent, car or her favorite spot on the bed with us. She took to my wife Emily as if they were always together. They became the best of friends. When my daughter Electra was born she was very protective and concerned about her. I'll never forget the first time she heard Electra wail. She came running into the bathroom to make sure things were ok.

She was always there to hang out with during late night music sessions and up ready to go early in the morning. She would chase balls, sticks, birds, cats and even try to run up a tree to get at the squirrels.

She leaves me, Emily, Electra and Rufus behind to go on the next "truck ride" without her. She was not only man's best friend but my best pal and a wonderful dog. I'll miss her.

Rest in Peace, Cleo.

Cleopatra Currie Wilmerding
5/01/93 2/07/08

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