Well, here it is. If there are any Star Wars fans out there, they will know my vehicle intimately without even seeing it strictly by its name, The Millenium Falcon.

How it got its nick-name is pretty much self-evident. The short version of a long story is that I'm constantly tweaking, changing, modifying and repairing things, sometimes while the vehicle is being driven down the road (usually by my wife). It has been modified considerably by yours truly, and it is definitely no mall-cruiser. I am able to boast that only one of its myriad of dents has happened within the city limits of Portland.

I have put an OME spring lift on it which gives it about 1 1/2 inches of lift which is good, because the ARB bumper with the Warn 10,000 lb winch are certainly no lightweights. I have a pair of Warn SDB 210 lights on the bar, and two pair of Warn SDB 160 lights on the roof rack. Warn XT shocks and a steering stabiliser round out the Warn goodies on the truck. (If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a fan.) Two Dixon-Bate recovery points are bolted to the front of the bumper, and I removed with a Sawzall and grinder the factory ARB tow points. I thought they were weak, and they were constantly getting bent over on the slick-rock in Moab, Utah.

I have modified the body slightly to accomodate 31 inch tires, and you can click HERE to see how I put 31 inch Super Swampers on it! I also have a set of BFG All-Terrains that I run around town with and for medium-ish off-roading. They are a set of spares off of all of the Defender 90's that my friends drive. As they upgraded their tires, I purchased the spares. Kind of sneaky, but I got a heck of a deal. The AT's are 265/75/16's, and are actually a hair taller and wider than the Super Swampers. They do rub on full lock steering, but don't rub in the rear wheel-wells. I plan to have a set of BFG Mud-Terrains for the trip to Alaska, and I hope to get 235/85/16's and run them on my Series One rims.

Click HERE to see how I dreamt up and had fabricated my indispensible roof-rack.

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